iLead approaches are designed to support men and women in the transformation of their personal leadership

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All our efforts are built around the iLead Signature, which describes our drivers and stoppers in terms of action and learning and provides various individual or team feedback tools.

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iLead Discovery Cycle

The “Discover your iLead Signature” workshop is for anyone wishing to explore their modes of operation in more detail.

This approach may interest coach-consultants, but also managers or people with an HR function in companies, and finally anyone wishing to improve the effectiveness of their interactions and/or wishing to make progress on a personal level.

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iLead Individual Coaching

This approach helps to understand the patterns that drive us on a daily basis. It helps strengthen the patterns that energize us, and reduce the impact of those that limit or stop us.

This program is for anyone wishing to develop the driver of their personal leadership, and wishing to become aware of the stoppers that limit them.

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Become a Leader-Coach

This program helps participants build self-awareness and improve their interactions with others while enhancing their impact as a leader.

It is intended for anyone wishing to train their employees within a dynamic of creative growth, using coaching tools.

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Creating the Competitive Edge

Knowing how to make a sale requires understanding how customers like to buy, in order to help them in their decision-making process.

This program is for anyone who has to interact with customers. It is for sales people and their managers, but also for people working in before and after sales, service professions, liberal professions, consultants and coaches, and so on.

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iLead Team Coaching

This approach is one of the basic building blocks for developing collective intelligence. Nothing is created in the company without pooling the energy, motivation and expertise of team members.

It is intended for various teams of 3 to 12 people, such as management committees, functional teams, project teams, etc.

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iLead Intergenerational Coaching

The purpose of this approach is to facilitate communication between the different generations of the company (Boomers, Generations X, Y, and Z), which sometimes rely on very different value systems.

It is intended to help the different generations work together better, despite their differences that are further amplified by the fast pace of change of our time.

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