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iLead-Systems welcomes experienced professionals with a strong business acumen who have chosen to practice their individual or team coaching skills within a flexible, trans-national community. iLead-Systems builds its image by imagining simple and powerful solutions with its customers.

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iLead Charter

All iLead partner consultants adhere to a Quality Charter, reflecting their professionalism, commitment and ethics.

Establishing the objectives of the mission

Every mission is the result of a three-party agreement between iLead and an organization. This contract stipulates the length of the mission, its objectives, the specific work situation, as well as the expected yield. Furthermore, the success of the mission is contingent upon an agreement between the Client and the Consultant which clearly delineates mutual expectations.

Professional experience

In addition to their managerial coaching expertise, iLead Consultants possess in-depth practical business experience gleaned from years of managerial responsibility in their respective fields; their resumes attest to that. They truly understand the businesses and constraints of their Clients.


Although every mission is unique and pertains to a specific Client, the Consultant applies a proven methodology developed by iLead Systems. The application of this structured, formative methodology is a gauge of quality for the Client.

Certification and coaching mentors

Consultants are certified to successfully lead a coaching mission according to the iLead methodology. This competency is conferred by iLead Systems and renewable for a limited duration, after the Consultant has personally completed the entire certification process. Furthermore, contact with a Mentor allows the Consultant to take the step back that they need to carry out their missions.

Ethical conduct

Consultants must at all times refrain from abuse of influence. Under no circumstances may a Consultant make a decision for a Client. Upon completion of the coaching mission, the Client is autonomous with regard to the ultimate course of action.


A Consultant is bound by professional secrecy with regard to the entire coaching mission. The exact format and content of the information (development patterns, achievement objectives, recommendations, etc.) to be presented to the organization by iLead will be clearly delineated in an agreement established prior to the launch of a mission


A Consultant must continuously expand his or her own expertise. To that end, Consultants regularly participate in training sessions organized by iLead Systems, to foster constant improvement of the methodology and the diverse skills required to successfully conduct a mission.

Freedom of Choice

A Consultant may opt, in good conscience, to refuse a mission. Similarly, in consultation with the company, it may interrupt a mission if certain conditions of success (ethics, confidentiality, structuring, etc.) of this charter are no longer met.